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Not quite sure how Droppp works? Find answers to common questions below. Welcome to Droppp 101.

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What is Droppp?

Droppp is the premier platform for buying and collecting pop culture NFTs with super easy and secure purchase methods. We collaborate with some of the most widely-regarded pop culture brands to bring fans unique digital collectibles — some of which can also be redeemed for super rare physical collectibles!

You don’t need to be a crypto expert to get started! Everything is sold in USD so anyone get jump in and enjoy collecting.

How do I get started collecting here on Droppp?

Sign up here for a free Droppp account with your email or by signing in with Apple or Google. All standard accounts are free, however you won't be assigned a wallet address on the blockchain until your first purchase. If you'd like a wallet address sooner, you can upgrade to a premium Droppp account here.

Does .dp mean a Droppp Account?

Yes! Droppp is built on the WAX Blockchain and all of our standard and premium wallets end with “.dp”. If you’d like to upgrade your free “.dp” account to a custom name we offer this premium service for only $4.99. Go here to upgrade your account today.

Do I Need to Buy or Stake Resources like RAM or CPU to Use My Droppp Account?

No, all WAX blockchain resources are completely managed by Droppp for your benefit.

Can I use my existing WAX Wallet on Droppp?

No, you will need to create a free or premium account here on Droppp to use our platform.

Can I Use My Droppp Account to Trade on Existing Secondary Markets?

No, you will need to transfer your NFTs in your Droppp account to a non-Droppp WAX wallet in order to list on secondary markets like AtomicHub or NeftyBlocks.

Can I Use a Credit Card on Droppp to Buy NFTs?

Yes, all sales that occur on Droppp will accept most major Credit Cards along with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How can I get a physical collectible?

With most Funko™ NFT drops you also have the opportunity to collect a physical collectible item. By collecting NFTs of a certain rarity (typically includes Legendary, Grail, or completing a full Royalty Set), you will receive a Redemption Token that can be redeemed for a physical item.

What is a Royalty Set?

Collecting a Royalty Set means you have collected every single NFT that is Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic rarities of a specific collection. You can use our Collection Tracker to help assist you in completing your Royalty Set(s).

How do redemption tokens work?

On the redemption token drop date, the current owners of a redeemable NFT will receive a corresponding redemption token deposited into their Droppp wallet. To redeem the token, visit our redemptions page to claim your physical collectible before the redemption window ends.

Do you need to hold your redeemables exclusively in your Droppp account to receive a redemption token?

When we take our snapshots, any WAX Blockchain wallet that holds the redeemable will receive a token. It’s important to note you must hold all Royalty Set items in the same WAX wallet to be rewarded with a royalty redemption token.

What do the Diamonds mean?

Diamonds indicate that a particular NFT will be redeemable for a physical item. As long as you continue to own this NFT up until the snapshot period, you will receive a Redemption Token that can be redeemed for a physical collectible.

What are snapshots and when are they taken?

A snapshot gives us the ability to see a complete list of all accounts at a given time that hold a specific NFT. We take a snapshot to find out which accounts hold a redeemable NFT so that we may then send Redemption Tokens to those owners. Snapshots may vary but for Funko™, for example, they are taken at 11AM PT exactly 120 days after an initial sale has occurred here on Droppp.

What payments are accepted to purchase items on Droppp?

Besides Apple Pay and Google Pay, please visit this link to see all supported credit cards.

How does joining a queue for a new drop work?

Be prepared for a queue to open up sooner than the scheduled drop time. We use the QueueIt system for our queues. Joining the queue allows you to save a random spot before the drop time.

When the drop goes live, the QueueIt system completely randomizes everyone that has joined the queue prior to the drop time so wait times will vary. If you join the queue after the drop has gone live, you will always be placed at the back of the queue. It’s important to note that if you checkout and rejoin the queue, you will also be placed at the back of the queue.

Still Lost?

We designed Droppp to be simple at its core, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t miss something. If you still can’t find your way please reach out to our support staff.

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