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We’ll Take It From Here

Droppp is the simplest way to deliver a premium NFT collecting experience, painless purchasing process, and professional delivery capabilities to your fans.

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Pop Culture Is in Our DNA

Whether your NFT dreams are superheroes, sports legends, or monsters in the zeitgeist, we can bring them to life. Our pop-culture ties run deep and we can’t wait to work with you to share your take on it with the world!

Not Your Father’s NFT Marketplace

Droppp is a place to collect premium NFTs without worrying about the authenticity of what you’re purchasing. Anything that is sold on Droppp is created in close collaboration with our partners and licensors.

While many other NFT marketplaces host any and all NFTs, we believe our partners’ content deserves white glove treatment.

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Beauty. Brains. Speed. Pick Three.

We’re fanatical about creating the simplest experience for new users while bringing familiarity to seasoned collectors. All of this backed by a powerful backend built on proven blockchain technology, allowing us to support drops capable of handling hundreds of thousands of users.

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Cash Only, Please

While most marketplaces accept crytpocurrency as the sole form of payment, we believe that the lowest barrier to entry for all users is a credit card.

And even better than accepting credit cards, we also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Grass, No Gas

As NFT collectors ourselves, we prefer a blockchain that has near instant transactions, is certified carbon-neutral, and charges minimal fees, which is why we chose the WAX blockchain. WAX is 125,000 times more energy-efficient because it is built on a delegated proof of stake model — something that its proof of work siblings cannot come close to.

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Physical Collecting & Shipping

Droppp has been designed not only to handle digital drops, but to also carry the collector’s experience forward into the physical world with a seamless NFT-to-physical redemption process. We also handle worldwide fulfillment of physical products.

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Ready Partner?

Whether you have an idea for a new project or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new NFT platform, we encourage you to start the conversation.

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